If you want to enjoy your Florida home for getaways, and then earn income by renting it out the rest of the year, or you simply want an investment property to rent out, that’s fine. Up to a point.

Because, let’s face it, if there are tenants in your house, you are likely to worry if any damage is being done, and whether the property is being properly maintained.

Which is where The Realty People come in.

We are experienced in property management, both in maximising rental income and ensuring that the property is well looked after, and as such we will recommend you to the best property managers in whichever area you choose to buy in.

We understand there are different approaches to finding a reliable tenant. For instance, renting a property for $1,000 a week for 20 weeks may well be more advantageous to you than achieving $500 a week for 38 weeks.

Not only is the revenue stream improved, a shorter rental is likely to mean less wear-and-tear on the property.

It’s that kind of commonsense approach which means we have an enviable reputation for property management. We have teamed with some of Florida’s most expert specialists and artisans, who will ensure that any work carried out on your property is to the very highest standard.