More than 66 million people come to Orlando each year, many of them on vacation, others looking to retire or live in the Sunshine State with its superb climate and world-class attractions.

No surprise that so many people returning home after a holiday-of-a-lifetime think: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a home in Florida?”

With more than 15 years in Florida realty, we can make that dream come true.

Our management team has handled over 3,000 property transactions during their combined careers, meaning we have great experience in all aspects of Florida real estate. Most importantly, we specialize in getting the best possible deal for our clients, often saving them many thousands of dollars in the process.

We have an international team so we are able to explain to our clients the peculiarities and nuances of doing business in the United States as opposed to the client’s home country.

Our mission is to make the process of buying or selling, which can seem very complicated, into a simple and enjoyable exercise. It really is easy when you know how!

And we speak your language – literally! We can converse with you and our property partners in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.